The Meat Thing

I grew up eating all meats including pork. So I do understand the attraction. You feel totally full & tired! You feel you have had your meat & 2 veg!

Once I gave up meat I then understood the new feeling of lightness and all the other wonderful things that goes with a vegan diet. I gave myself a new reference point & I really felt good.

There are 2 things that tell us that we should not be eating meat: our teeth & our intestines!

Carnivores have razor sharp teeth & long claws & can excel to high speeds like a car. We as human's find that impossible. We can't run that fast & our molars are flat. Our teeth are designed for chewing grains.

Carnivore's intestines are about 6 feet long. Our intestines are approx. 20 feet long. It takes 3 days for us to process meat. That's 3 days leaving the meat sitting in 98.6 Degrees. This means then it is basically rotting in our intestines. Meat contains no fibre so it can't move swiftly through our digestive track. Some of the illnesses caused by eating too much meat are:

Meat feeds the lower part of our bodies. You end up feeling heavy & tired. Just like a lion on a kill. They burst into full speed to hunt their prey down, catch & kill & then they eat the whole carcus. Then they sleep for a few days afterwards while they digest their kill in the shade under a lovely big tree. We don't do any of this. We walk to our butchers, buy the meat & walk home at best & BBQ! When you come off meat you notice you feel lighter & the redness in your face also disappears, which is the heat being released through the liver.

Is it any surprise we get sick when we are putting chemically treated meats into our mouths. All meats are chemically treated. All Australian cattle are tagged for quality purposses. The best goes over seas & Australia keeps the worst!

Then we tell ourselves we need iron. Which is very true. We can get more iron from a selection of seaweeds already listed in our pantry list.

Anyway, give it a go. See for yourself how you feel.


"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it's animals are treated."

- Mahatma Gandhi