Well, this is something I can write about first hand! I was addicted to sugar. Gosh, Easter was my favourite time of the year!

Yoga & walking early in the mornings really helped me over this hurdle. It was a long hurdle at a slow pace but I was so so proud of myself when I no longer craved SUGAR. Now, I actually look at all these wonderful creations & admire them but have no want to put it into my body.

This is a big topic, so here goes…

Never in human history has so much sugar been consumed & as a result of this teenagers are being treated with 70 year old diseases.

It is not the foods we eat that keep us healthy but the foods we don't eat.

Sugar actually leeches the minerals from the blood & bone so iron & calcium stores are heavily depleted.

Think of it like a gobstopper. How can the nutrients get through this hard sugar coating into our bodies. It just can't penetrate through.

Sugar totally ages the entire physiology of the human system.

Sugar is an addictive substance just like caffeine, drugs & alcohol. It is so hard to give up. So instead let’s focus on another way of looking at it.

It leeches minerals from your bones & blood.

It makes you feel fatigued.

The mood swings will be erratic & generally feeling of being glum.

Most people look for something sweet to eat when they are bored or stressed. It just becomes a habit.

Yes, our bodies do need sugar & we can get these sugars from chewing our foods.

Remember are Grandparents saying "sit up & chew your food"! They were right.

By chewing our foods it not only helps weight loss but also helps your body break down the food in your mouth.

80% of sugars from food are absorbed in the mouth.

CUT DOWN SUGAR & YOUR HEALTH WILL REALLY IMPROVE. Iron will remain & calcium will not be depleted.

Give it a go & feel the difference for yourselves.

So what do we use instead?

When baking I use Barley Malt or Rice Malt as substitutes. These can be found at any health store. You can also use organic maple syrup like I did in my chocolate cake recipe.

Cooking apples & using their juices instead of water adds a sweet taste too.

There is actually a lot of sweetness in our natural foods anyway. Like currents & raisins.