Strategies for a Healthier Life

I found to keep things really simple was the best solution. Think of this as a way of life, not a ‘diet.’ You don't need to give anything up… just introduce healthy options & then really chew your food. As your body changes you find over time it really does not want the other fluffy foods. It starts to crave whole foods & you feel fantastic. If you have a real sugar craving during this change have some really good chocolate from Belgium or gateau from a great French patisserie in your area. This is a treat so make it worth it & enjoy.


Here are a few useful hints on how to overcome binge eating & all those stress foods.

  1. Whole porridge oats, soaked overnight with cold water & a pinch of sea salt. Cook slowly in the morning & top with sliced banana & sunflower seeds. I love to scatter mixed tamari seeds on top to with a few drops of shoyu. Banana is hard to digest so just a little every now and again is fine.
  2. Brown Rice Porridge. Scatter gomashio & sauté bok choy, green beans & cabbage. This sounds strange but is so yummy in the cooler months.

Both these are warm in your belly in the cooler months & release slow energy so keep you going.

Morning Tea
  1. Rice cakes with tahini & thin slices of cucumber with gomashio.
  2. Small handfuls of tamari almonds
  3. Toasted flat bread with hummus or avocado garnished with Italian black olives & coriander.
  1. Homemade soups are fantastic served with a wholemeal sour dough. Use root vegetables in the cooler months like pumpkin, carrots, turnips, swede, sweet potato, parsnips. All these & lentils or beans are fab.
  2. Brown Rice Balls or Tofu Balls are all so yummy.
  3. Brown Rice Sushi is so much better for you. They actually put sugar in the white rice sushi!
  4. A bowl of mixed steam vegetables with a small amount of olive oil & gomashio.
  5. A piece of fruit.

If you are not sure how to make any of these things or you are just really busy start off by buying them from your local health food shop or cafe. Then with time you can work out how to make them yourself. Cheaper too.


I love to cook for a few days in advance so when it comes to the end of the day you’re not cooking from scratch.

Here are a few ideas more ideas under ‘recipes.’

  1. Roast a whole load of vegetables & then use them for lasagne, stir fries, couscous, cooked brown rice, udon noodles or make into a soup.
  2. Adzuki Bean Casserole or Pie.
  3. Udon Noodles with fish & steamed beans.


Daily Routine

Let’s look at our day! How do we feel when we first wake up in the morning?

We should feel like bouncing out of bed excited about all the things we what to do, full of energy & vitality.

If we don't we could have possibly eaten to late the night before. Our body has used up so much energy during the night trying to digest & break down the large meal we have consumed for sups.

So let’s start eating our sups earlier possibly 3hrs before going to bed is great. Then while sleeping your body can rest & heal. You are meant to wake up grateful it's another new beautiful day.

Morning walks are fantastic for you. Then breakfast & CHEW, CHEW, CHEW. Focus on making soup in your mouth. By chewing you create lots of saliva & this has an enzyme called ptylin in it which changes carbs into glucose which then breaks down your food. Actually 80% of your digestion is done in your mouth. Your body needs sugar & that is how you get it naturally just by chewing.

This makes all the nutrients available to your body. Focus on chewing not swallowing. Maybe even try chewing 30 times per mouthful.

Your Day

It is important to set a day aside just for you. It's how you see yourself, care for yourself, where you place yourself… Showing you love & respect yourself.

This is a good thing.


Susan meditating by stream