A time to...
  • be inspired
  • do more, eat less
  • walk at sunrise
  • swim in the ocean
Spring foods...
  • the taste of spring is sour
  • sourdough breads, wheat,
    vinegar and lemons
  • fast sprouting foods
  • cook by short time boiling,
    steaming and quick sautéing
In spring your body is...
  • looking for change
    and direction in life
  • revisiting old feelings of
    anger and frustration
  • repairing your eyesight
    and nails
  • allowing your skin to flourish
Things to think about...
  • the colour of spring is blue
  • new life and new beginnings
  • building on ideas
  • being flexible (in mind and body)

"The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth" – Chief Seattle