Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is a science that needs a good understanding of the whole factors of performance, health, nutritional value of foods & fluids & recovery before, during & after training or competitions.

A good base diet will provide adequate nutrients & energy & will avoid excessive food-related stress.

Heavy training increases the need for nutrients, particularly carbohydrates, protein, vitamins & minerals.

Ideas for keeping a varied diet

Include wholesome whole foods to your diet such as brown rice, whole meal pastas, wholemeal, multi-grain or seeded breads, homemade muesli with lots of seeds added.

Add a large variety of vegetables to your meals.

A small amount of fruit.

Timings of food intake

A general guide suggests a meal or series of snacks should be consumed 1 to 4 hours before exercise. The longer the carbohydrates have to digest into the body, it is a big help to the liver & muscle glycogen stores.

Cramping during exercise

Add sea salt to your cooking. Look out for the moist grey sea salt that is not bleached.