Our Souls

The spark of the soul gives us our purpose and direction in life. This is why so many people are lost and possibly confused. We are unable to fulfil our purpose if we are sick, frail or struggling with mental health issues.

Yoga means to yolk or to unite the Spirit, mind and body and religion allows us a vehicle to pursue the purpose of our soul that was intended for us. So we need both a way to unite our many parts and a path to travel on with our unified self. Religion can be that purpose. Our inner most self & our fundamental core is the connection of our own identity & our integrity.

We all have gut feelings which come from our 'core', our 'belly', and from this a deep knowing what is right and wrong. Our 'soul' can be relit & re-nurtured and through this we can find our path, our direction, and this can lead to health and happiness.

Listen to that gut feeling and start looking after your health, your body & mind, and this will totally enrich your soul and you will blossom.

Enjoy this wonderful journey.



Susan tree pose by stream