Morning Showers & Beautiful Skin

With water restrictions coming & going all over the world, we are always aware of how long we take in the shower!

Every morning when you have your shower scrub your whole body vigorously with an exfoliating brush (not the nylon gloves, not as good). Avoid your breasts & private parts. This really gets rid of our dead skin & helps our liver detox. The skin is your largest organ. We not only eliminate through our nose, ears, eyes, bowel but also through our skin. What we put into our bodies has to come out. So if we scrub our skin & remove all the dead skin it's really helping out the liver… giving it a little holiday! This not only makes your skin soft but it also glows.

Ok, here's the whammy…

Now you have had your shower, scrubbed yourself clean, turn off the hot tap & have a really cold shower!

This is best in winter when the water is really cold. To build up to it you can start earlier in the season! The colder the better.

This not only closes the pores of your skin but gets your triple heater going too. Also your breath instantly goes straight to your belly, so fab for someone suffering from asthma.

Now, that will wake you up. Get your breath in your belly & feel like you’re really ready to start the day!

To finish off rub macadamia oil into your skin.

If you are lucky enough to live near the sea… jump in! Fantastic for your physical & mental health!

Give it a go…