The Japanese start the day with a bowl of miso.

The enzymes found in miso are great for our digestion & provides our bodies with all the vitamin B's we need.

When you buy miso paste make sure it is not from the fridge. The coldness kills all the goodness.

Never boil miso this too kills the enzymes.

Miso has to be cooked. To activate the miso you must use either or all: fresh ginger, spring onions & celery.

Miso Soup



In a saucepan heat oil on a low heat. Add onions. Allow the onions to sweat & go clear. Add sea salt. Add ginger, celery & pumpkin. When sautéed add stock with the wakame. Add all other vegetables.

In a mug dissolve the miso paste with boiling water. At this point make sure the miso paste is totally dissolved. Add the miso to the stock. Keep on a low heat. Simmer gently for a few minutes.  Do not boil.

To serve. Place bok choy into bowls & using a mug pour miso soup on top. Garnish with chopped parsley.