Gomashio is such a wonderful garnish to your meals. If you think of it like parsley, scattering it on top of your soups, vegetables and grains. It not only adds interest to your food to look at but the nuttiness of the toasted sesame seeds & the sea salt actually draws out the flavours of your food.


Sesame seeds contain a staggering amount of calcium to phosphorus giving them great healing properties. Gomashio helps to cleanse and strengthen the blood. It is also fantastic for the development & bone formation & nervous system qualities. The lecithin in sesame seeds aids in dissolving cholesterol build up on the walls of our blood vessels.

Sesame seeds have to be kept air tight otherwise they lose their medicinal qualities. Always hunt out the suppliers who have the freshest sesame seeds.


The sea salt to sesame seeds ratio varies on season & the age & well being of the individual.

When you make your Gomashio only make a sufficient amount to last you the week.



No oil is needed. Dry.