In the physical world energy is the capacity of a system to do work, thereby enabling the system to change, say by movement or its state.

In the context of yoga, the 'energy' is more about the collective consciousness that is present in a space. This collective consciousness is made up of the consciousness or presence of everyone in the vicinity of that space. It is good to call this a type of 'energy' as it has a direct impact on people that experience that consciousness.

However in my view, rather than operating at a physical level, it is operating at a higher mental or even spiritual level. This does not in any way lessen it's impact. In fact because our physical side is so connected to our mental & spiritual side the 'energy' in a room can have a greater impact than a physical energy (our body energy level, how hot the room is etc). The collective consciousness or energy in a room pulls people together or pushes them apart & creates a bond between everyone in that space.

This energy can be positive or negative. It can elevate people in their spiritual & mental insight or the opposite by dragging you down. It is also totally dynamic. It is in a constant state of flow. It is influenced by the individual state of everyone in the room.

The act of doing yoga can help lift the energy & by doing so making it more positive. As teacher you influence the 'space energy'. It is like swimming in a river, you need to go with the flow & not against it. This means that one person can change the 'energy'.

ENERGY creates the whole person to allow them to be connected to the universe.

by Susan x