Now this one was my true passion! I ate chocolates (not just one or two, the whole box), biscuits, milkshakes, cakes & a huge amount of European cheeses.

I was emotional & immensely spotty! I carried quite a bit of weight & looked terrible.

It's funny, I went onto Roacutane which was quite a new drug in the early 80's & my body just seized up. Literally, my joints had difficulty moving. I was told my spots would go but I couldn't go in the sun or do sports!

To all you teenagers out there who are suffering from acne (not the usual few teenage spots but the aggressive, red harsh ache)… Give up meat & dairy. My daughter has no dairy or sugar & her acne has cleared up so much. Cutting down her meat intake to twice a week has taken the redness out of her checks.

Have a look at this list below of alternative ways to get your Calcium…

Calcium per 100gm serving:
Whole Milk118
Collard Greens203
Soy Beans226
Sesame Seeds1,160
Hijiki Sea Vegetables1,400


Milk is a shocker for asthma & allergies. The body straight away thinks it is fighting an intruder. This is why you see so many people walking around with runny noses, and even asthma & other allergies like diabetes. Our bodies go on red alert. Our defence system then gets run down & we get really sick.

Dairy is really messing with our hormones & makes us very emotional. Dairy feeds the chest.

Dairy cows are pumped full of hormones so they are able to produce 20 times their normal milk supply. We then put that into our bodies.

Teenage girls used to start menstruating around 14yrs old, now they are as young as 7 yrs old. The excess oestrogen found in milk kick starts the body to enter puberty earlier. This is also playing havoc on men's hormone levels too. Dairy also clogs your arteries to your heart causing heart disease.

How to add calcium to your diet

I love gamasio. This is toasted sea salt & sesame seeds. You can either eat it by the teaspoonful or scatter some on your porridge, soup steamed beans etc. As you see from the above list sesame seeds are full of calcium just like tahini.